Ep. 5: Near-Death Experiences

Thursday, September 5th

"I wake up, on the other side, with the light." Featuring host Mark Gober’s interviews with Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Ed Kelly, Dr. Penny Sartori, Dr. Jan Holden, Dr. Alan Hugenot, Barbara Bartolome, and Dannion Brinkley.
Listen to all of Mark’s interviews here: https://markgober.com/podcast/ Dr. Pim van Lommel’s cardiac arrest study (2001): https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140673601071008/fulltext Dr. Sam Parnia’s cardiac arrest study with a veridical case (2014): https://www.resuscitationjournal.com/article/S0300-9572(14)00739-4/pdf Independent review of Dr. Eben Alexander’s medical records: http://ebenalexander.com/independent-medical-review-validates-facts/ Check out Mark's book, "An End to Upside Down Thinking": https://www.amazon.com/End-Upside-Down-Thinking-Consciousness/dp/1947637851