Fighter's Fury 10-21-2018 (NBA Brawl shows UFC double standard, Canelo PAID by DAZN, Dana says Khabib vs Tony happening)

Sunday, October 21st

Last night was lit up with fights but none will get more buzz the NBA fight between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. You know the NBA will use that footage to promote the next game. It will be all over ESPN and FS1 so why isn't there the same clutching your pearls outrage backlash that the UFC got for the UFC 229 incident? Canelo Alvarez gets paid by DAZN: 11-fight $365M deal. Is DAZN a sustainable platform for boxing? Is this PBC all over again or will their load up with stars model work? Floyd accepts Khabib's challenge for a boxing match. Would anyone really be into this match up? Dana White says that Tony Ferguson deserves Khabib title shot next and he's not thinking about the rematch. If that is the case who wins and what is then next for Conor McGregor?