Guzan on team meeting: 'You have to go in with an open mind'

Thursday, March 14th

Atlanta United Goalkeeper Brad Guzan joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s game last night in CONCACAF, the slow start to the season in MLS play, and the team meeting that took place between coaches and players.

Brad talked about the team’s performance from last night.

“I thought not only our play was better, but also our spirit, the belief of going forward and attacking.” Guzan said “When you combine those things you are going to get chances, the result was good. Overall it was much better from our point of view, and this is something that we can continue to build upon.”

When asked about how the team can get a result on Sunday against Philadelphia.

 “It starts exactly the way it did for us last night.” Guzan said “Come Sunday against Philadelphia our energy has to be there, our intensity we’ve got quality, so ultimately enjoy the moment and that’s when you will see the best come out of our players.”

Guzan discussed the team meeting between coaches and players.

 “It certainly was, it went both ways, it wasn’t just a talking to from management to players.” Guzan said “As players we stood up and gave our view on things, when you go into a meeting like that with an open mind only positive ideas will come out of that, it wasn’t a yelling shouting match it was a very good conversation between coaches and players.”