Happy Monday Morning

Monday, March 12th

It's a new week and NFL free agency is upon us, which has Boomer and Gio all pumped up on a Monday. However, that is not the NFL story that is grabbing the morning headlines; a video of Odell Beckham with some questionable substances in his room went viral this weekend and that got the attention of the fellas this morning. 

Boomer and Gio give their opinions of what this latest incident means for OBJ and his desired contract requests, while this means the Giants will have a lot of research to do when it comes to the video and Odell's ankle injury from last season, according to Boomer. Plus, the two seem to have conflicting ideas regarding just exactly how we all should view Odell after this situation. Also, the guys talked about the Cleveland Browns after they had a busy weekend revamping their roster and garnering tons of attention around the NFL.