How To Manifest from a Place of Ease

Friday, January 10th

As we move deeper into the new decade, we have a chance to shift our lives and choose goals to work toward. This year, can you break down your intentions so that you have the ability to live a simpler life while manifesting your dreams? Can you give yourself the option to live a more intimate life and take time to be present with your loved ones and community? Being busy doesn’t equal being accomplished. In this week’s episode, Rachel talks about the benefits of giving yourself space to choose the projects you want to work on, rather than loading up your to-do list with endless tasks. Once the pressure is off, you can manifest from a place of ease. This week’s episode will remind you that it’s ok not to finish everything on your list! It’s much more important to prioritize what’s actually important and to cultivate habits in your daily life that lead to happiness. Maybe the trick is to work smarter, not harder. Tune in to figure it out.