Jake Rowe 247 Sports Interview.mp3

Thursday, June 28th

Jake Rowe from Dawgs 247 Sports joined Rick and John to talk Dawgs. They talk about Jakes love of peaches and Rick says this gives him more UGA credit. They talk about the recent list that gave Rodrigo Blakenship a slot in the top 100 CFB Players of 2018. They talk about expectations for the Dawgs in 2018 and Jake says there should be no fear for a hangover season. Jake says there is a lot of talent but some holes to fill, however he will be watching the performance early in the season vs late in the season. John wants to know which road game is the most concerning and Jake thinks it will be S. Carolina. They talk about Tua getting a lot of love and early Heisman votes, but they want to know whom the better QB is? Jake Rowe sticks with Jake Fromm.