"Joshua Strongin"

Monday, July 6th

For Jace magic is an art form. He does not use wands or deal with rabbits though. He presents his magic effects elegantly and in the most powerful way. Even more impressive he performs it all right in front of your face! In late 2013, Jace picked up a deck of cards and began teaching himself some effects. This hobby quickly became a passion due to the ability he found magic can have on people by bringing smiles to their faces as well as shock and awe. After only a year he worked over the summer at The Gilded Otter in New Paltz as their house magician and has been performing at various locations and private parties since. While cards are his specialty he also uses borrowed and everyday objects as well such as coins, phones and more. Jace is always practicing and pushing himself to create new effects. He will for sure delight and entertain you and all your guests!

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