JuliTunzZz Radio Episode 81

Thursday, October 31st

With his upcoming November 22nd release, Julio Caezar takes his JuliSquad on a #JuliRide with an ensemble of his favorite creations. The “Soy Don Julio (Remix)” solidifies Julio’s House & Dance style, and it TRULY doesn’t disappoint. If you aren’t already a Julio Caezar supporter, this episode may change that. Episode 81 includes tracks from Julio Caezar & artists like Kaskade, Merk & Kremont, MT SOUL, Mike Mago, Fuzo, Cloonee, Louis The Child, BeauDamian, Franky Wah and more! Cheers to the Holiday Season, as it begins to spread joy across the globe!! Oh yea, tell a friend to tell their mom to subscribe to the YouTube Channel haha. Subscribe, Spread Love, and Jam with Julio Caezar. Want to be featured on the next Season of JuliTunzZz Radio? Drop a tune over at the Demo Drop on his Website! Let's Groove!! www.julitunzzzradio.com