JuliTunzZz Radio Episode 84

Saturday, December 14th

Experience an energetic Christmas and end of 2019 with this Season 7 Finale for JuliTunzZz Radio. Julio Caezar unleashes a memorable performance from beginning to end on this replayable, Episode 84! Let's booogie Episode 84 includes tracks from Joris Voorn, Kandy, Davin Puentez, Ricky Retro, Dave Winnel, Just Kiddin, Paul Woolford, Dirty South, Moon Boots and more! Cheers to the Holiday Season, as it spreads joy across the globe!! Subscribe, Spread Love, and Jam with Julio Caezar. Want to be featured on the next Season of JuliTunzZz Radio? Drop a tune over at the Demo Drop on his Website! Let's Groove!! www.julitunzzzradio.com