KNX InDepth (August 5, 2019)

Monday, August 5th

Special edition of KNX In Depth: America in Crisis.  

Two mass shootings just about 13 hours apart---first in El Paso, Texas; then in Dayton, Ohio. This demands a reassessment of the state of our nation. Which is why we call this broadcast "America in Crisis." 31 people are dead. Dozens more seriously injured. And it was only last week, another shooting left three people dead and more than a dozen hurt in Gilroy, California.  We will go In Depth on what is happening in this country and explore some possible solutions.

We will examine the growing threat of white supremacy--often the face of domestic terrorism. We will explore the dark corners of the Internet . We will talk about President Trump's own words, that his critics believe give a green light to violent behavior. Of course, we will discuss guns and how easy they are to get in this country.  And, we will try to figure out how the rest of us learn to cope with an America in Crisis.