KNX InDepth (September 19, 2018)

Wednesday, September 19th

Will she testify Monday? Or not? If she testifies Monday, will he come face to face with her? Or not?

But as the reality show-type congressional confrontation between a Supreme Court nominee and the woman accusing him of sexual assault takes shape----or not-----here's something to think about. In the end, will it all matter? Or not? We'll go In Depth.

Also, they haven't even walked into their first classroom....or met their first teacher....yet one study says California's children are already falling behind and may not catch up. We take a look.

Later on the show--cashing in on home cooking. Lots of Californians are doing it. A new law may mean more home-cooked meals for all of us. Sounds filling. So, why are some people feeling burned? We'll go In-Depth on that.

And, if we end up eating lots more, will we need all those new gadgets like Fitbit or the Apple Watch to help us keep track of our health? Maybe. Or maybe we'll become a nation of hypochondriacs. We'll take the pulse of the nation on that.

Also, it only took more than two centuries, but a great maritime mystery has been solved.