Loss and Grief

Thursday, August 6th

Most people are comfortable talking about death, but struggle with the aftermath – grief. As a society, we don’t give it the space, time, or messiness it deserves. As today’s guest says, people don’t want you to “get your sad on other people.” But talking about it is one way we can make it less awful. And if you can do the talking while laughing? Even better. This week Jaime is joined by Nora McInerny, author and host of the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking. They bond over their shared losses – both Jaime and Nora lost their fathers and experienced miscarriages – and offer advice to people who are in the thick of grieving someone or something. Plus, listener questions about staying in a marriage after the death of a child and grieving an incarcerated son.   FYI: Tell Me What To Do contains mature language and themes that may not be suitable for all listeners.   Please note, this show is hosted and produced by a team that does not have any clinical or other mental or physical health training. If you are having a health or mental health crisis or emergency, please contact 911. For non-emergency mental health and addiction needs, try https://www.samhsa.gov for national and local resources.    Into America is a show about everyday people and the power politics and policy have in shaping our lives. Listen as host Trymaine Lee and a team of NBC News journalists make sense of this extraordinary moment in American life: https://www.nbcnews.com/intoamerica For the sake of your beauty sleep, go to helixsleep.com/tellme to get up to $200 off your first helix mattress (plus two free pillows) To make eating well easy and affordable, go to greenchef.com/tellme80 to get $80 off your first month plus free shipping on your first box Talkspace online therapy works with thousands of licensed therapists. Use the promo code TELLME to get $100 off your first month and help support the show at talkspace.com For additional resources, information, and a transcript of the episode, visit www.lemonadamedia.com/show/tmwtd