MigsCast 10/08/19 "Peter DiStefano & Zak Melang"

Tuesday, October 8th

This week we chat with Perter DiSefano (Porno For Pyros) and Zak Melang (Super Sonic Soul Pimps) as they will be on stage with Jane's Addiction Drummer Stephen Perkins for MigsFest III...this Saturday at Club SUR.  Get tickets HERE!  Peter shares an insane story about hookers and helicopters while at Woodstock with Porno For Pyros.  Plus we shower Zak with love as he is the owner of the Matador restaraunts!  Also, we chat with comedian Tyler Smith about his show, The Dope Show, whick is on Saturday at the Historic Everett Theater.  Finally, we check out some incredible new songs by Wyatt Olney and The Wreckage!