Mottek On Money (January 4th, 2020)

Saturday, January 4th

Happy New Year! A roaring start to 2020 for the stock market continuing the record shattering 2019 rally. Stocks hit new highs on the first day of trading in the new year. A surprise U.S. air strike kills Iran's top general sending stocks lower, oil and gold higher on the second day of new year trading. The impact on markets and consumers discussed with John Kilduff, Founding Partner, Again Capital and CNBC Contributor, Mark Hulbert, Marketwatch Columnist, Publisher of the Hulbert Digest and David McAlvany, CEO, McAlvany Financial Group. Wall Street veteran Art Cashin, Director of Floor Operations, UBS, talks about the 2019 rally and a stock exchange new year tradition. Labor law attorney Thomas Lenz has the latest on the new California labor laws in 2020 and their impact at your workplace. Prominent entertainment industry attorney Howard Weitzman discusses Michael Jackson at the top of the latest Forbes magazine list of highest earning deceased celebrities in 2019.