Mottek On Money (October 19th, 2019)

Saturday, October 19th

Stocks cheer the latest earnings news and the phase one deal in U.S. China trade talks. China's economic quarterly growth rate hits the lowest in 26 years. Kevin O'Leary, serial entrepreneur, investor, Shark Tank star, O Shares ETF founder, gives his assessment of the markets, the economy, US China trade and entrepreneurs. Billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen, Founder, L.A.-based  Berggruen Institute, co-author, Renovating Democracy, talks China trade and investing. Dr. Mary Daly, President, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, offers her assessment of the economy and her speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Town Hall. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti updates listeners about the L.A. business scene, a new initiative to boost manufacturing, promoting the green economy, and how the trade dispute is impacting L.A.