Parkhurst on Remedi: 'He does the dirty work'

Thursday, August 16th

Michael Parkhurst joined Dukes and Bell and told the guys what it was like to play in the all-star game at home “It was awesome, what an awesome event the city put on a great show. It went so well, the crowd and the atmosphere was so good it was a night to remember.” When asked about how why the team has had issues closing games out Parkhurst said  “It seemed like in the beginning of the season we did a really good job of shutting down teams to close out games, so we’ve definitely watched some film and worked on some things to make sure we can close out games and it’s disappointing we’ve lost points that way.” Michael talked with the guys about what Eric Remedi has brought to the team “He’s been very good, very Carlos Carmona like from last year, he does the dirty work in the midfield, nothing flashy offensively but knows how to get the ball to our playmakers and I think he’s played really well in the games he’s played.”