POWER PLAYERS 005 - Monica Abbott

Friday, July 31st

A discussion with an Olympic Athlete about the delay, staying prepared, advice to young softball players, and about the radioactivity in Japan ahead of the games.

We need to take care of the world first: the Olympics is the world’s game”. 

-Monica Abbott

Softball, after a 12 year hiatus, is again recognized as an olympic sport... but we have to wait one more year to watch Team USA pitcher Monica Abbott and company potentially win gold in Japan. Abbott and fellow pitcher Kat Osterman are the only two players to bridge the gap between the 2008 silver medal winning team and on the upcoming olympic team.

Abbott and I talk about:
The emotions when USA Softball was informed of the Olympic delay on a team phone call
“Life put on hold another year”: A world-class female athlete's perspective on sacrifices
“We had a big talk about that”: Thoughts on the possibility of playing in front of not one, single fan 
Amidst the pandemic, additional significance in wearing "USA" in these upcoming Olympic Games
As players, we always replay the plays that we could have changed. What is one play from the 2008 loss in the Gold Medal game that Abbott would change the outcome of? 
An Olympic delay: staying motivated physically and mentally
Pushing the naysaying thoughts from out of your mind
A unique perspective on the impact of COVID-19 on those athletes that have lost a season of ball
How could the players work to overcome the “lost time” from COVID-19

Abbott's conditioning and skill work (with minimal equipment) recommendations
How to refocus after a stray thought pops into your mind while playing- examples she’s experienced
Leveraging experience of playing professionally in Japan to benefit 2021 Team USA softball
Has the US Olympic committee debriefed the athletes about the radioactivity in Fukushima?
Is Abbott worried?

Anna from NJ: What are your thoughts on the mound during an Olympic game?
Jenna from NJ: What is your favorite pitch? Why is it so effective? Favorite part about being a pitcher?

John from Long Island
Josh from Connecticut
Mike from New Jersey

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