POWER PLAYERS 006 - Laura Okmin

Friday, July 31st

“Hang in there, you’re not going to believe how good it’s about to get for you.” - Laura Okmin

Laura goes "5 levels deep" into conversation with Danielle about feelings of her loneliness on the road, family planning sacrifices due to her profession, and the personal and professional impact of losing her mother to cancer at a young age (for both of them). During her third decade in the field, Laura also opens up about the impact of saying "no", how her perspective of "The Top" changed, and why, a ceiling crasher, she turned down the position of first 'female NFL insider'.

We'll also tackle:
The lesson that Michael Jordan personally taught her, as a young reporter
In-depth thoughts and analysis on ESPN's The Last Dance after winning an Emmy for her coverage of her hometown Bulls during their run to greatness.
Genesis for developing GALvanize, a media bootcamp for NFL rookies and female reporters- and why her mother would be surprised
Friendship with the late Stuart Scott
Coaching the coaches: being a personal media coach to many NFL head coaches: philosophy, most difficult encounters
What she hopes, for the sports world, will come out of the time in 2020 when the world stopped