POWER PLAYERS 010 - Denise White

Friday, July 31st

“People like a comeback story.” - Denise White

A young girl and her twin sister overcome a rough childhood and the foster care system- one starts her own company and becomes the most powerful athlete crisis manager in the world.

It sounds like something out of a movie, right?

Well that's because it WILL be.  Three A-List celebrities were considered to play Denise White... and one chose her. This celebrity will not only be playing her in an upcoming movie, but has contracted a TV show, inspired by Denise's work, for her production company and Apple TV. The movie, preliminarily titled "The Fixer", is based on the life of Denise White, founder of EAG Sports Management (1996): an agency (the only one of its kind owned by a woman) that provides crisis management, philanthropic ventures, media engagements, etc. for world class athletes. 

We'll tackle:
Athletes being "more than athletes" today... and how that coincides with 'using their platform' to initiate change.. while possibly creating divisiveness within their respective sports
But what about those that use 'company time' to do so?
How the advent of social media (and the 24-hour news cycle) has drastically changed her industry
Denise takes us into the crisis management 24/7 playbook: jarring middle-of-the-night calls, evidence mounted against her clients, preventative measures, and cases she would NOT take on 
Is "all publicity 'good publicity'"?
Business morals and ethics
Denise opens up about her propensity to want to "fix" these athletes
Erin Brockovich advises the adviser
Denise responds to some heartfelt compliments by some of her clients in the media over the years: Tyrann Mathieu, DeSean Jackson, and Ephraim Salaam.
...and SO much more!!