POWER PLAYERS 012 - Miesha Tate

Thursday, August 13th

“I didn’t want to be one of those people that hung around and tarnished what I had built in my career if I wasn’t all in it. I’m either 100% in or 100% out and, at that point, I knew I had to be out… because I wasn’t 100% in. 80% is not good enough.” - Miesha Tate

From cupcakes to the evolution of the female talent pool in MMA and from Tacoma to Singapore: Miesha Tate like you’ve never heard her before: open, honest, and vulnerable about life in and beyond the octagon.  

Miesha talks about character building in her high school wrestling career- on the mat and at home, her most poignant “pick-yourself-off-the-floor” moment, and if she saw her retirement from UFC coming. Tate takes the listener inside her inside-the-Octagon cognitive awareness and discusses moments of self-reflection after retirement.

There's also a Bathroom Birth: a play by play. For the FIRST time, Miesha Tate talks about how her son Daxton took stay-at-home orders to a new level…. By being born in her bathroom... followed by a deep discussion on life’s little surprises and on motherhood.

There’s a transparent dialogue about, of course, Ronda Rousey. 
 Symbiotic relationship with Ronda Rousey: who benefitted more from it?
After believing that she and Ronda would enter the HOF together, what did Miesha Tate think about Rousey’s induction speech?
Was it real?
Communication post-MMA career

Currently, what was item number one on VP Tate’s agenda for One Championship, what is the longterm scope of the league, and a discussion about how cultural norms and lifestyle compare the opportunity of female MMA fighters in Asian culture against that of Western female fighters.


Kevin in NJ: Did you ever think about joining the WWE like Lesnar and Rousey?

Mike from Queens: One Championship - What’s the biggest difference between being involved in a match in Asia vs USA?