Pres. Trump Reacts To Second Whistleblower; Beto O'Rourke On Impeachment

Monday, October 7th

Sources: Extreme Measures Being Considered To Protect Whistleblower Identity If He Or She Talks To Congress; Sources: Dem Considering Disguising Whistleblower's Face And Voice During Possible House Testimony; Pres. Trump: "Not At All" Concerned By Second Whistleblower; Pres. Trump's Re-Election Team Tackles Impeachment; Pres. Trump Orders Surprise Pullback Of U.S. Troops In Northern Syria In Advance Of A Turkish Military Offensive; Pres. Trump: "I'm Not Siding With Anybody. We've Been In Syria For Many Years"; Pres. Trump: "We Want To Bring Our Troops Back Home, And I Got Elected On That"; Sen. McConnell: Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Syria "Would Only Benefits Russia, Iran And The Assad Regime"; Republicans Including McConnell, Graham, Romney & Haley Criticize Pres. Trump For Syria Troop Withdrawal; One-On-One With Beto O'Rourke via Knit