PWW 044 -- "Superstars" Set for Super Showdown

Wednesday, October 3rd

Pro-Wrestling Wednesday with Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc returned to the 92-9 The Game Podcast studios to talk all things happening inside the squared circle. Daniel Bryan recently responded to online critics of his wife's recent matches with his own tails of injuring opponents and calling for an end to the vitriol. Tony and Beau debated how fans should react to "botches" and how unfair the masses (especially on twitter) can be to the performers literally putting their lives on the line for our entertainment.

Neville making his first post-WWE appearance and Adam Page reportedly turning down a WWE contract lead to a discussion of whether individual Wrestlers are becoming more powerful with regards to employment opportunities. Also, if it's true the Bullet Club Elite have a pact to stay together, will that affect their ability to continue down the path they've been on the last couple years. 

With WWE's Super Showdown coming at 5am ET this Saturday, Tony and Beau then turned their attention towards this week's WWE TV starting with Monday night Raw. How is Baron Corbin not allowing Roman Reigns to defend the title a punishment? Are they hinting at Dean Ambrose's possible heel turn too much? Who did Bobby Roode and The Revival piss off? Mr. Schiavone particularly enjoyed the nuclear heat Elias got for his "Seattle Supersonics" joke and Beau couldn't believe they made it all the way through the whole segment. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane and The Undertaker also proved why their still top guys when it comes to the WWE Main Event. 

Over on the blue brand, Beau lamented the lack of filming at AJ's house and how much WWE production relies on cell phone videos these days. Both Tony and Beau enjoyed Tye Dillinger's dissection at the hands of Randy Orton and really, everything Randy's done since he's been back on TV. Tony Schiavone is crossing his fingers that we've seen the last of Mr. Bootysworth on Smackdown Live. After 2 hours of teasing, did Becky Lynch's "Super Showdown Surprise" deliver? Also, again, Beau wished there was more to the Aiden English cell phone video and what it would've been like if it had been shot in '98. 

They closed the show by plugging some upcoming MLW dates for Tony and a great discussion on whether or not the WWE has lost its ability to make stars that stand out.

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