PWW 045 -- Get Well Soon, Roman

Wednesday, October 24th

PWW returned after a couple weeks off to recap the biggest news in all of Profesional Wrestling, Roman Reigns relinquishing the WWE Universal Championship after announcing his Leukemia has returned. Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc speculated on what this means for the current storylines over on WWE Raw and who can pick up the torch with Monday Night's biggest star on the shelf. We wish Roman Reigns (Joe Anoaʻi) the best on his recovery and look forward to seeing him return. 

Tony Schiavone spent the past weekend seeing Sting back in his hometown of Waynesboro, VA for a show, then travelling to Tennessee for the NWA 70th anniversary. Tony got a chance to meet a lot of fans, take pics with a replica of the old Saturday Night set, not to mention call the action as part of a three man booth with Jim Cornette. Beau and Tony both loved the new NWA National Championship design and were glad to see a night dedicated to respecting the past while pressing towards the future.

WWE's dealings with Saudi Arabia came under scrutiny recently and it looks like the Crown Jewel event may take place elsewhere or be without some top stars. Beau and Tony debated what they could do, especially with so much riding on the event financially and storyline-wise. Certainly not the press coverage they were looking for heading into this week's all-female WWE Evolution event. 

As usual, Tony and Beau brokedown the latest episodes of TV, highlighting Dean Ambrose's heel turn, Trish and Lita's backstage beatdown and Becky Lynch attacking Charlotte off-campus at the NXT facility. While neither man was surprised at the outcome, the weeks of build up for Aiden English just to be squashed by Rusev was anti-climatic. Beau was hoping that the Evolution event would have more going on, storyline wise, but Tony convinced him that it probably didn't need to have major ramifications for the rest of the show, since it was filled with so many title matches and legends. 

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