PWW 061 -- WrestleMania 35 Recap

Wednesday, April 10th

Tony Schiavone returned from the greater New York/New Jersey area with tales to tell from WrestleMania weekend and joined Beau Le Blanc to go through the highlights and lowlights of WWE's marquee event. As was prophecised last week, the show itself, was too long. It was the primary reason why Tony didn't attend the actual event and Beau lamented nearly dozing off during the later bouts as it ran from 5pm to 12:30am on Sunday night. Is there anything WWE can do to avoid that in the future? The matches themselves were fine, Kofi's win delivered, as did the other 6 title changes, but the botch in the main event and a gassed crowd didn't make Becky Lynch's crowning achievement the WrestleMania moment we all envisioned. What's next for the WWE, why a Superstar "Shake Up" of course. Tony and Beau recapped this week's episodes of Raw and Smackdown which both seemed redundant but the possibilty of Braun Strowman locking up with Samoa Joe is one of many exciting new possibilities. Be sure to follow PWW929 on twitter or facebook to keep up with the show and watch the recorded video at