Ric Flair Doesn't Eat Hummus!

Monday, February 3rd

Tony Schiavone returned to the 92-9 Digital Studio with Beau Le Blanc for another super edition of PWW! Like any proper sports radio station a discussion of the Super Bowl was had and Tony let it be known that if anyone should be in a hummus commercial it should be him, not 16x World Champion Ric Flair! Beau asked Tony what it was like on the Chris Jericho cruise for the Dynamite taping and the peculiarity of  getting fireworks shot off in your face all night. Discussion turned to the WWE with the recent departure of its Co-Presidents (which caused a big drop in WWE's stock) and a reported reduction in house shows mean WWE is feeling the heat of increased competition or is Vince spending too much time on the XFL? Beau recapped Smackdown for Tony and was thouroughly disgusted by the dog food angle. Show closed with a Raw preview and both hosts being squemish over Edge getting con-chair-to'd immediately upon returning. You can watch the show at ProWrestlingWednesday.com or facebook.com/929TheGame