The Falcons need to finish drives

Friday, September 13th

Atlanta Falcons radio Analyst Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Sundays game against the Eagles.

Archer said expects the Eagles to stay true to who they are on offense.

 “I don’t think they will change their philosophy.” Archer said “It will still be the west coast package with a mixture of the RPO, I don’t think any team runs it as well as Doug Pederson does with Carson Wentz. It supplements the short yardage game, and the new dimensional they haven’t had over the last few years is to stretch the field and they have that now with DeSean Jackson as a deep threat.”

When asked about Devonta Freeman.

 “He has to find a way to show us that’s who he still is.” Archer said “We would all like to think he’s the 2016 back that was so dynamic, but we also have to create some lanes up front for him. There’s no question that lack of preseason action affects some guys, Freeman had only carried the ball 17 times since 2017, backs are a lot like quarterbacks, you want to get them in a rhythm.”

Arch talked about the Eagles defense.

 “They are solid, it’s a good solid front four.” Archer said “They aren’t as good at linebacker and in the secondary, there will be some opportunities to make some plays against the guys. The real question is can you finish drives? Matt Ryan alluded to maybe trying to take some shots from further out, I’m looking forward to Atlanta maybe taking some shots around the 35 yard line.”