This Braves Team Closer Or Further Away From A World Series

Sunday, February 9th

Joe Patrick, 92.9 The Game Braves Insider, joined Robb Tribble & Bryant McFadden to talk about the Braves. In talking about the Braves,Robb starts the conversation off by talking about the details of the Mookie Betts trade to the Dodgers.  The deal is not set in stone yet, but Joe believes that the trade will go through but things need to be ironed out. Bryant asked where did that leave the Braves and the rest of the National League with one of th stars in MLB joining an already stacked team in the LA Dodgers. Joe says that, "it is certainly a blow, especially to Braves fans who want to think that the team has a chance at a World Series title." Joe does say that this move by the Dodgers may make the Braves' front office do something that would make a splash. 

Robb asked Joe if the Braves were better than they were the last time we saw them in the playoffs against the Cardinals, which was not good. The Cardinals beat the Braves 13-1 scoring 10 runs in the first inning. Joe said that the Braves are not better than they were before. Joe says that it depends on if Marcell Ozuna can do for the Braves what Josh Donaldson did. Freeman had one of his best years which was due to the fact that Freeman was protected by Donaldson. If Ozuna can be as productive and can protect Freddie in the line up then yes they would be a better team than last year. They signed the best closer on the market in Will Smith and reassured their bullpen.