This is The XFL 2.0!

Monday, February 10th

PWW was back in full effect this past Monday as Beau Le Blanc told Tony Schiavone he is all in on Vince McMahon's latest creation (reinvention?) The XFL! He thouroughly enjoyed watching his hometown Defenders win the first game ever and Tony mocked him for being desperate to buy some merch. Beau segued into a discussion of how some of the XFL's broadcast elements offered a more compelling product and how the NFL (much like the WWE and AEW) might be well served by learning from what they're doing. Wrestlemania 37 is going Hollywood, which is disappointing for those of us that thought Atlanta might be in the mix to host the show of shows. Beau commended AEW, Cody Rhodes and MJF for a killer main event segment that even had Tony acting like a mark. WWE is preparing for their next Saudi show, but don't seem all that thrilled to be promoting it with matches being announced on the sly. Beau's hopeful that Bray Wyatt's match with Goldberg will be a way to get The Fiend over, but Tony was skeptical that his old colleague would go along with a submission loss. AEW comes to Atlanta next weekend, so look for PWW to be live at 11am on Wednesday 11/19 over at, you never know who might stop by. You can watch the show at 92-9's facebook page or at