Tony Schiavone Flew Back From AEW and Boy Are His Arms Tired

Thursday, October 10th

Been a whirlwind couple of weeks for Tony Schiavone with debut of AEW on TNT, but Beau was happy to have him back and decided to start the show with an homage to the super well received finish of Seth Rollins match with The Fiend from Sunday. (Fun visual for the facebook viewers, check it out at But then it was down to business, discussing how Tony's been liking the new gig, some fun road stories about JR and Cody Rhodes and Beau asked him for one of those swanky AEW blazers. At a time when the WWE is facing stiffer competition is it a great time for them to be pulling in part-timers, non-wrestlers and doing wonky finishes? Probably not, but a discussion is had about what they could be thinking with the added attention from FOX and USA. Enjoy all this, and some Redskins bashing, on this week's episode of PWW!