Tony Schiavone is "All Elite"

Thursday, September 5th

It was another exciting week in the world of professional wrestling and Beau Le Blanc and Tony Schiavone got back together to break it all down for you. Tony (as you may have heard) is "All Elite" having signed a deal with AEW to work on their TV productions. Beau asked him how all that came about and about his time at Starrcast III in Chicago. Of course a discussion of AEW's "All Out" event and Chris Jericho's big win as the first AEW champion and subsequent search for stolent title belt. When it came to the WWE of course Bayley's heel turn was the biggest story over there, but what does it mean for Charlotte? Also, this will probably be the last time they waste time complaining about the 24/7 Championship. You can also watch the show at or