Tribble & BMac- Hour 3: Sunday 3/24/2019.mp3

Sunday, March 24th

Kriby v. Saban

Kirby Smart is now in Saban’s head. Their relationship is ‘frosty’- when Kirby was telling recruits they weren’t number one. Kirby is a threat.

Guys don’t think coaches should like each other.

Belichick picks GA for draft- maybe that played a role.

 Tribble thinks Dabo Swinney is in Saban’s head not Kirby. Guys compare recruiting to Clemson.

Clemson goes to different states and getting the state’s best player.

Tribble is not excited about the Braves season. They are still figuring out their pitching rotation- too many injuries.

Could Acuna be MVP in year 2? Guys give their take where he should be in the lineup.

Tribble is worried about Donaldson- Has to play 144 games. (Basically got a franchise deal) needs to stay healthy.

BMac thinks it’s a make or break year for Dansby. Tribble thinks the Braves put too much pressure on him his first year making him the face.

Julio is getting his money. His contract will be compared to Antonio Brown’s and Julio can make a statement on his pay because of the type of player he is. This pushing Grady Jerret to the backburner again.

Falcons still in top for offense even with injuries. Need to find a way to be better defensively.