Why the Big 10 & Pac-12 Cancelled the Fall Football Season

Tuesday, August 11th

The guys hit the Dawg Report as ACC Network’s Wes Durham joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the future of the 2020 college football season, why did the Big 10 and Pac-12 cancel their seasons, and will other conference follow suit?

Wes talked about what might have went into the decisions for the leagues to cancel their fall seasons.

“I think it’s important to know that these task force that have been created by the conferences themselves which they tried to feature the best medical people they have on each of the institutions campuses have really started to have a lot of impact on this, that’s certainly the case with the Big Ten.” Durham said “The Pac-12 was also reported by the folks in Portland was going to have to take a 64 and half million dollar line of credit to play so the cards have all been flipped over on the table and people have gotten a deep look at the world of college athletics to see just how fine a line some of these institutions and conferences are working.”

Durham continued to talk about factors leading to the Big 10 and Pac-12 canceling their fall football seasons, take a listen.