10 Questions With Stan and Susan

"Ten Questions With Stan and Susan" is a podcast that focuses on interesting people doing interesting work. Hosted by Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor, the award-winning longtime morning anchors at Northern California's all-news radio station, KCBS. Beyond the limit on the number of questions, the podcast has no boundaries. There's only one litmus test: is it an interesting topic? If you have any questions or comments contact us at [email protected]
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10Q: James Wayman with Stan and Susan

Friday, July 13th
Your smartphone knows you by your face. Police departments all over the world are investing in facial recognition systems. Is this technology really ready for...

10Q: Jerry Kaplan with Stan and Susan

Friday, July 6th
Artificial intelligence: how far have we come, where do we stand, and where are we going? Veteran technologist Jerry Kaplan, an adjunct professor at Stanford...

10Q: John Simson with Stan and Susan

Friday, June 8th
This is not your father's music recording industry. Times have changed, and they keep changing. John Simson has been on the front lines of the industry for...

10Q: Sal Khan with Stan and Susan

Friday, June 1st
It all began with a few math lessons for his nephews. Now, Sal Khan's Khan Academy is a household name in the world of education. He talks with Stan Bunger and...