30 With Murti

A weekly half hour conversation focusing on individuals with the New York
Yankees and others from around the baseball world.
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'30 With Murti': Damon Oppenheimer

There are a lot of challenges to scouting and completing a draft after the high school and college baseball seasons were shut down almost three months ago. To...

'30 With Murti': Joe Torre

Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre, along with his wife Ali, formed the Safe at Home Foundation in 2002, aimed at stopping the cycle of domestic violence. For...

'30 with Murti': John Courtright

Going up against Michael Jordan on the basketball court was a challenge to say the least. Staring at him in the batters box--in 1994 when Jordan stepped away...

'30 with Murti': Glenn DiSarcina

While everyone looks back fondly at Michael Jordan's basketball career, this week on the "30 With Murti" podcast is a look at Jordan's baseball career with...