A Material Girl Goes Green

New to an environmentally friendly lifestyle? Considering beginning your low waste journey? This podcast is for you. Our weekly podcast follows Lesley (founder of Farm Finds Candles) as she begins her journey toward an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our resident sustainability expert Jodi answers ALL the questions and helps us overcome the challenges and celebrate the wins along the way. Fun eco guests make this podcast entertaining and informative. Come join us!!

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A Material Girl Goes Green

Eco friendly in the bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms where we notoriously use the most single use plastics and have plastic waste. Let's talk through some of the ways to...
A Material Girl Goes Green

How to Refill - the future of Bulk

Heather from Three Rivers Natural Co-op will share with us all the best tips on refilling and buying bulk. Plus, she shares her insight on what refill and bulk...
A Material Girl Goes Green

Top 5 Eco questions that Jodi hears

Ever wonder what the top 5 questions that a Sustainability Director hears...Jodi is going to tell us. And she'll give us the answers!! Have a listen!
A Material Girl Goes Green

Bee's Wax Wraps

Have you ever tried Eco swapping plastic wrap with bee's wax wraps? In this episode we explain what they are and how you can use them as a plastic wrap...