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What does it take to be All-Elite? Dig in with the stars and talented team behind AEW on TNT via in-depth conversations highlighting their lives, pop culture, and pro wrestling. AEW referee Aubrey Edwards and broadcaster Tony Schiavone bring you new episodes every Thursday.

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Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes learned how to sell from Ricky Steamboat, got the Goldust gimmick over with a little help from Savio Vega, and says his street fight with Roddy...
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Taz talks about his wrestling start in Puerto Rico, learning kayfabe the hard way, and the inspiration behind the Human Suplex Machine. He also shares stories...
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Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes wears multiple hats for AEW and describes her roles as Chief Brand Officer, in-ring talent, and advisor to the Women's Division! She also talks...
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The Young Bucks

Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks have plenty to say about the creative process of AEW, their boss, Tony Khan, and how much life has changed since AEW...
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Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn turned a rodeo scholarship into a career in pro wrestling! Ok, not exactly, but he's got a great story about how he went from a rodeo ring to a...
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Tony Khan

AEW founder, President and CEO Tony Khan might be more excited about AEW and its future than the fans! He talks about turning a "wild gamble" into a "...