Aisha & Debbie Dish


Aisha & Debbie Dish #40

Wednesday, December 20th
Time to wrap it up for 2017. Aisha & Debbie compare the beginning of 2017 to the end, plus their takes on the biggest stories of the year, the bright spots...

Aisha & Debbie Dish #37

Wednesday, November 15th
Gratitude, 2nd Careers & Defending Thanksgiving! On Aisha & Debbie Dish (#37) we discuss the joy of finding your purpose/second career; defending...

Aisha & Debbie Dish #35

Wednesday, November 8th
Why Aisha's blowing up on Twitter again; realizing your friend's column is about YOU; the results of Nov. 7th elections; and use your manners! Melenie Broyles...

Aisha & Debbie Dish #35

Wednesday, October 25th
Aisha & Debbie Dish about "sexy" Halloween costumes, fattening candies, the anxiety of losing treasured possessions; Dr. Zinia Thomas of Radiance Float +...