Because You Watched

"Because You Watched" is the podcast which brings you brand new ideas for TV shows and movies based on obscure video-on-demand categories. Each episode will see three funny and creative people sit down with producer Rory to pitch and brainstorm ideas before picking a favourite. Will they come up with the next Emmy, BAFTA, or Oscar winner? Yeah, sure, why not...

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British Alien Sci Fi w/ Laura Lexx

Comedian Laura Lexx joins the development team, along with Jon, Georgia and Rory, for a very British sci fi session. The team watch Red Dwarf for research...
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Inspiring Underdog Films w/ Ross Noble

Comedians Ross Noble and Maisie Adam along with returning guest Paul Foxcroft join the team for a development meeting all about defeating the odds, as they try...
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Exciting Spy Films w/ Tiff Stevenson

Tiff Stevenson (People Just Do Nothing, Mock The Week) joins Jon, Mark and Rory for another lockdown brainstorming session based on the category 'Exciting Spy...
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Party On! w/ Bec Hill

Comedian and presenter Bec Hill and writer and comedian Jon Gracey join Georgia and Rory for our first lockdown episode, as they brainstorm ideas for the...
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Cynical High School Movies

Producer Rory is joined by Nim, Mark and Georgia to brainstorm ideas for Cynical High School Movies. On this week's episode an admin error in the 80's leads to...