Billy Madison Show Best of Bonus

Bonus Best Of Billy Madison bits that you may have missed during the week, that you might not get on the weekend Best Of Billy Madison Show!

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Nard's Cockroach Trivia

Nard has a cockroach in his underwear, and the only way he can let it out is by getting just ONE trivia question right.

Nard Gets Butt Hurt

Nard is legit upset about some gamer not wanting to stream with him. Ridiculous!

Nard Celebrates Early

Nard starts making less sense than usual. The guys think he started Labor Day Weekend early by hittin' the bottle during the show.

Nard Can't Communicate

Nard has always had problems communicating. He can't figure out how to find the numbers on a phone, or that you need an email address to be able to email...