Blown Off

When you don’t get a call back after your first date, Miguel and Holly call them to figure out what happened. They do it weekday mornings at 7:45 and 8:45.

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Blown Off 8-3-2020

Have you ever seen someone bring this to a party? What would you do if this happened?

Blown Off! 7-31-2020

Corey not only had one glass of wine...he had about 9....Here's is what happens when you try to date like that!

Blown Off! 7-30-2020

Lacey FREAKED OUT when she saw Jackson do this at a restaurant, but don't most of us do this with our food?

Blown Off! 7-27-2020

You don't do this to watermelon on the first date...maybe you don't do it EVER!