BoomTime with Flula Borg

Hallo! It is me Flula Borg and this is my Podcast BOOM TIME! What is BOOM TIME, you are asking? Please guess it! Is it a new Cereal with only Raisins and no Flakes? Is it the middle name of Mikhail Gorbachev's nephew Yuri? No to these wonderful Guessings!! Because in BOOM TIME I shall speak with interesting Artists, Actors, Creators, Musicians from the Earth Planet! (sorry Jupiter citizens) In BOOM TIME my Guest and Me shall take a Journey of Words and Musik and Spirituality but probably mostly Words and Musik. And before you ask it, let me reassures you: I will NOT be speaking with Horses or Piranhas on BOOM TIME! Humans only! (mainly because I do not speak Horsesian or Piranhese...YET!) So please now, join me for...BOOM TIME! And hashtag it up at #BoomTime to keep up with us on all the Socials!

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