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718-18 Hour 4 - Tackling the AFC East

Wednesday, July 18th
The fantastic fourth installment of today’s CDVTW. The Radio Sherpa continues the NFL discussion with Thom Loverro as well as bringing on Conor Orr, Manish...

7-18-18 Hour 3 - Thom Loverro in Studio

Wednesday, July 18th
Over the course of one summer DC has seen a Stanley Cup champion, a new soccer stadium, and an MLB All-Star Game. The Radio Meister talks to Thom Loverro about...

7-18-18 Hour 2 - Tackling the NFC East

Wednesday, July 18th
The best way to spend the slowest sports day of the year is to get ready for football season, which is not as far as you might think. The Radio Meister talks...

7-17-18 Hour 3 - Heel Harper

Tuesday, July 17th
Why is it that Bryce Harper seems to get cut less slack than any major athlete that has played in this area. From the Golden Knights sweater to not running out...