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Sharyl Attkisson

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson joins Chris to discuss her recent article for The Hill about Mueller's findings and why they don't matter. Is the Deep State...

Kavanaugh & Planned Parenthood

Brett Kavanaugh, known for being staunchly pro-life, voted in favor of Planned Parenthood in a recent court case. This goes against everything anybody thought...

Albert Eisenberg

Political consultant Albert Eisenberg joins Chris to discuss what the GOP needs to do to reach voters in the metropolitian areas of the United States. Why is...

Andrew McCarthy

Fox News Contributor and Senior Fellow at the National Review Andrew McCarthy joins Chris to discuss the details of the Mueller investigation, as well as...

Ray Didinger

Sports commentator Ray Didinger joins Chris Stigall to discuss yesterday's Eagles loss to the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the freakout that rocked the press box...