Computer Talk with TAB

Since 1995, Computer Talk with TAB has been on the air live each week
providing an in-depth practical view of computers and their place in our
everyday lives. A Computer Radio Program for everyone! Erik Semmel from TAB
Computer Systems hosts the show and provides real time answers to caller’s
questions. To keep the topics fresh and informative, guests are brought in as
a result of listener’s questions and suggestions. The show is geared
towards the everyday computer user with questions about how their computer
works and how to fix it when there is a problem.

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Computer Talk 7/14/18 Hr 2

Saturday, July 14th
A listener gets help uninstalling Kaspersky anti-virus from her computer. We help a listener with questions about high definition (HD) radio. A listener calls...

Computer Talk 7/14/18 Hr 1

Saturday, July 14th
Erik and Bob take your questions. Owning an Apple iPhone proves you’re rich, study says. Two senators call for investigation into tracking of viewer’s data by...

Computer Talk 7/7/18 Hr 1

Saturday, July 7th
Erik and Bob take your questions. A system administrator for alternative energy company tells of Google Cloud horror story as monitoring system gets...

Computer Talk 7/7/18 Hr 2

Saturday, July 7th
A graphic designer looks for a good anti-virus program for Macintosh computers that will not slow his system down. Also the caller discussses how blowing...

Computer Talk 6/30/18 Hr 1

Saturday, June 30th
Erik and Bob take your questions. Due to component shortage, supply of phones, televisions, and gaming consoles may be limited. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto...

Computer Talk 6/30/18 Hr 2

Saturday, June 30th
California passes new toughest-in-the-nation data privacy law amid criticism by privacy advocates. Driver of autonomous Uber car faces manslaughter charges for...