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Welcome to Coronavirus Daily, a podcast from RADIO.COM here to give you the very latest information to help guide you and your family through the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Hosted By Mike Simpson & Charles Feldman from KNX Newsradio.

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Where's God during the Pandemic?

Where is God during this time of crisis? We talk to religious leaders about finding faith in a time of crisis. Major League Baseball Opening Day should have...
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Rescuing the Economy

A $2 trillion stimulus package is meant to help people and businesses bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic. But will it be enough? Coping with the stress...
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Episode 7 A New Ground Zero

New York City is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. as cases are spiking daily. When will things slow down? Scammers and thieves are using...
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Episode 6 Smelling a New Symptom

Losing sense of smell is cluing doctors in to another symptom of this new coronavirus. Can it help identify patients quicker before even worse symptoms start?...