Crashing the Net

Hosted by The Washington Post's Neil Greenberg and our own Tom Daly. This is the ONLY hockey radio show in Washington, D.C.
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Crashing The Net Hour 3: 6-10-18

Sunday, June 10th
0:05 Tom and Neil ask where you would take the Stanley Cup it you had it for a day like the players and continue to take calls. 8:55 They take the last few...

Crashing The Net Hour 2: 6-10-18

Sunday, June 10th
0:05 Tom and Neil continue to take calls from listeners as the phone lines are locked and loaded. 11:28 They discuss the difference makers in the series and...

Crashing The Net Hour 1: 6-10-18

Sunday, June 10th
0:05 Tom and Neil discuss the Capitals finally braking through and winning their first ever franchise Stanley Cup Championship. 11:08 They talk about the...

CTN Power Half Hour: 5-31-18

Friday, June 1st
Tom "Thom" Daly takes your calls and talks all things Caps in this drive-thru edition of Crashing the Net. Twitter: @CrashingTheNet Instagram: @ThomRadio