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Episode 325

Tuesday, May 22nd
Teen to pay over $36 million for starting Eagle Creek fire, a man calls police to report he's being followed by a mysterious pig and he wasn't joking and more...

Episode 324

Monday, May 21st
It's back! Dad Jokes, Bad Jokes; we play Tipsy or Toddler; Sylvia is going out to lunch with a male friend -- Dave and Mahoney think he has other motives; a...

Episode 323

Friday, May 18th
According to a study, you have to get 1,000 miles away from your boss before you can really relax and audio of Michael Keaton telling graduates "I'm Batman" in...

Episode 322

Thursday, May 17th
Ian went on Craigslist on our behalf to look for Love in All the Wrong Places; we play Bleeped BS; a woman poops at Tim Horton's then throws it at employees,...

Episode 321

Wednesday, May 16th
What's the show hooked on? Find out on Binges and Bites; we player Alternative Theatre and Tipsy or Toddler; our Question of the Day asks when was the last...

Episode 320

Tuesday, May 15th
We play Are You Smarter than a Community College Drop Out and Cover Your Ears; a new installment of Dirty Laundry; "short man syndrome" is a real thing,...