The Dirty 30 Diary: Coming Clean

Typically when you hear the phrase “Dirty 30s”, it implies that this is where the fun begins; however, if you’re Iike me, it’s actually where reality hits. You start to think of all the mistakes you made in your 20s and you go from wanting to get dirty to suddenly wanting to come clean. I imagine for some people this is relatively easy but for “D”, a woman with a dirty past, it’s a little more complicated. Join her on her journey through her Dirty 30s as she comes clean about her poor decisions, lessons learned, and experiences that caused her to believe that we’re all a little more dirty than we think.
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Boundaries Part 3

Peter and Dee sit down and discuss boundaries and end up getting into his current dating life. Dee continues to try to break down Peter’s “wall”.

Attachment Styles Part 3

The Dirty 30 Diary introduces a new cohost, Nicole, the Therapist in therapy. She digs a little deeper into attachment styles and gives Steph her first...

Attachment Styles Part 2

Now that we’re a little more familiar with the attachment styles theory, it’s time to take the test. What attachment style do you think Peter and Steph are?

Attachment Styles

While sharing her new love with her therapist, Dee learns about “attachment styles” and shares it with her not so new co-host Steph leaving her to decide if...