Drop The Subject

Drop the Subject with Ally Johnson provides a satirical look at current
events, trends and the eccentricities of modern-day relationships. Should
humans hibernate? What happens when we start dating robots? These questions
and many more are tackled from the perspective of loudmouthed lesbian Ally
Johnson and her various reoccurring guests. From VH1's Dr. Jenn Mann to
comedian Justin Martindale, Ally and her guests are tackling the world's
absurdities one show at a time. 

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Society and Culture


Drop The Subject

8/07 Earth Is A Butterface

On today's show, we talk to the wonderful Dr. Jenn about internet stalking and when it is okay and when it gets to be a little much. We also Drop The President...
Drop The Subject

8/06 Harpoon Fish Loincloth

On today's show, we give you the story of Ally sharing a bed with her wife and mom. Along with the gay history of Rock Paper Scissors. We also play another...
Drop The Subject

8/05 Stamp Stands

On today's show, we give you the best and worst recommendations one of which being Mary Trump's book. We also discuss work from home styles and we talk to the...
Drop The Subject

8/04 Smelly Smiles

In today's show, we talk about how staying at home so much might be changing your smell. We also bring up the great debate of email CCing and beware of your...