The Gangster Chronicles

Former Death Row record security Reggie Wright Jr., a former Compton PD officer, Street Reputable "M.O.B." James McDonald and Sociologist Alex Alonso chronicle the biggest members of the gangster underworld while exploring the criminal element in the streets, entertainment and politics, while looking for possible solutions to stop the senseless violence that plague ghettos around the world.

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Back like we never left

Fresh off vacation, We conduct some fact checks then discuss disciplining kids back in the day vs today, as James recounts the child abuse he encountered as a...

Peace Treaty

In this special episode, TGC has Lil Doc from EC 6-9 & Porky & Smokey from Kitchen Crip in to discuss the peace treaty and the impact it has had on the...

NWA-Not Without Alonzo

On this episode of T.G.C, we step into the world of music, Gangster Rap to be specific and sit down with West Coast pioneer Alonzo Williams. He talks about...

Gangsterism 101: The Nino Episode

Reggie Wright Jr. Checks in from the Feds and we have Watts, CA street legend Nino Cappuccino in studio for an exclusive interview where he breaks down the 90'...

The Thanksgiving Episode

Note-The 1st 4 minutes of the show was clipped. It was just the usual intro, so don't panic. On this episode we talk about lost loved one's from holidays past...